Stargaze Desert Cacao Ceremony

Friday, 28th till Saturday 29th February 3pm-8:30am

Join this amazing Overnight Cacao Ceremony with Sonia and Neli!


Come gather under the starry desert sky for a powerful event combining the healing properties of cacao, sacred circle, and movement. Vibrational energy healing frequencies will be flowing through you and around you, to empower us to open our hearts and experience a deep state of peace, clarity, connection, oneness, unconditional love and pure inner joy. This is about creating a space to allow abundance of all that you desire to flow!



The Cacao is derived from the raw, unrefined form of the cacao bean and is the purest form of chocolate you can consume. The drink is infused with superfoods and lightly sweeten with natural raw honey, pure medicinal elixir that is known to open the heart, deepen meditative experiences, and foster inner/outer connection.



The cacao elixir will connect us with our hearts and feelings of joy, bliss and ecstatic states of transformation. In combination with the movement, vibrational healing and sounds, you will deepen your meditative state, clear energy blockages, raise your vibration and discover a deep state of Oneness.



We advise you to avoid caffeine on the day and also recommend a simple alkaline focused diet the day before and on the day of the ceremony. Please do not consume food at least 2 hours before the event.



When: Friday, 28th till Saturday 29th February 3pm-8:30am, staying overnight is completely optional.


Where: Somewhere amongst the dunes of Al Wathba Desert,

Meeting point: Be at Heritage Festival, Al Wathba,

*TIME: meeting point time: 1pm (We will then driving together to the location to begin setting up the tents)
*For those not staying overnight, meeting time: 3pm (We will then be driving together to the location)


What is included:
• Cacao Ceremony in the Desert
• Cacao Elixir
• Sacred Circle
• Movement and Dancing
• Moving Meditation
• Chakra Balancing
• Drumming Fire Circle
• Sound & Vibrational Healing
• Morning Yoga Practice


Energy Exchange:

AED 200 for Returning Cacao Ceremony Member

AED 280 per adults

AED 50 per children, ages 12-16 allowed

Adult Buddy Discount AED 520 (price for 2)

Lightworkers Abu Dhabi AED 250

Seven Wellness Members AED 250


Please bring:
• Warm, wind proof, comfortable clothes
• Blanket and yoga mat
• Water bottles(at least 2)
• Please pack your own light food for dinner and breakfast
• Bring your own tent, sleeping bags, pillow and everything else for the overnight stay


Please RSVP before Wednesday 26th February.


Brought to you by Seven Wellness & Lightworkers Abu Dhabi


For more information and to book, please contact Seven Wellness on Mob: 054 407 5405/056 602 0690 or via E-mail:






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