COVID-19 Prevention

At Seven Wellness, our main priority is you. Our family.


Therefore, we just wanted to let you know that we are following all government protocol and have put the following measurements in place to ensure that you feel safe and secure when attending your classes with us!

We are all about prevention, therefore, we are currently doing the following:


We are ensuring that our studio space is kept clean and fresh after every class, with a deep clean taking place every week.


We have increased the number of mat sanitization spray bottles inside of the studio – we request that these are used after every session when our mats have been used. Just spray onto the mat and wipe them down with the cloth. Its quick, simple and super effective!


Props such as straps, blocks and eye pillows have temporarily been removed from the studio space and we encourage students to bring their own for the time being, to help control the spread of germs.


We have hand sanitizer inside of the studio and downstairs in the café ready for you at the beginning and end of each class.


Lastly, we would kindly ask that if you are not feeling 100% (even if you just have a runny nose) take a break from class, spend some time on yourself and allow your body to recover before returning to your practice at Seven Wellness.

We also wanted to say…


Whilst we truly believe in a strong prevention practice and staying aware of the recommendations by the health authorities, we also believe that THE best prevention method is

shifting your focus to you, your body and your mind rather than focusing on the disease.


Boost your immunity with some superfood nutrient smoothies, release stress by sinking down into a meditation for 10 minutes a day and most importantly, keep yourself moving!


Whether you decide to move your practice home or keep attending studio classes, keep flowing – shift that negative energy and release any tension being stored within.

Trust us – your body will thank you!


Link to Immunity Boosting Page here.






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