3 Day Luxury

Yoga and Healthy Living Retreat

Park Hyatt, Abu Dhabi 

We welcome all abilities:

Beginners – Advanced Practitioners

2 Nights Accommodation

All Inclusive stay


A safe space designed to support a holistic experience and develop a deeper connection with your mind, body and spirit.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery. Find freedom from the everyday world and refresh your routine in this enriching, life balancing, experience

Yoga & meditation classes, breathwork, self-healing workshops, healthy eating cooking classes, informative talks and sound healing sessions!

Each day we will be offering morning breathwork, yoga and meditation to help you reconnect with your inner voice and bring awareness back into the body.


Daily workshops will take place after breakfast encouraging you to discover what brings you contentment and effective ways to develop your mindset, allowing you to move forward with self-confidence and serenity.


Cooking classes and nutrition workshops will be available to those interested in learning more about feeding their mind and body, gifting you with skills that can be used at home. Evening relaxation sessions will be available before bed, guiding you down to quieten the mind, ensuring you fall effortlessly into a deep and restorative sleep. 
All of this combined with the tranquil surroundings, healthy vegan meals, and time for your personal mindfulness practices, you’ll feel peaceful, inspired and empowered in no time! 


Ultimately, we are here for you. To support your journey and facilitate your growth. To give you space to connect with like-minded people and your own internal world; ready to return to reality, rejuvenated, refreshed and full of vitality.

Retreat PACKAGE:
AED 3,850 per person
AED 3,000 per sharing
Book now with Early-bird Price: AED 200 off for all booking
Book before 20th March

Members special discount: AED 200 off for the total price

Members discount available.

Contact: info@sevenwellness.ae






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