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Selena believes that Yoga & Pilates should be accessible to everyone regardless of their ability and recognises that each person is unique.


She aims to meet each student where they are at this time in their life and practice, guiding and helping them to better connect to their body, mind, be more present in the moment and develop greater body awareness.

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Sahar is a 200 ERYT certified Yoga instructor who knew from a very young age that she loved to move and that if she is not moving, she is not living. Sahar is passionate about sharing the precious gift of yoga with others. She teaches yoga with a caring, playful and dynamic approach. She also approaches her teaching with humor, warmth, and compassion, which encourages her students to challenge themselves while developing a stronger practice.

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Sasha found yoga and meditation 12 years ago whilst she was at her lowest low and in a space of pain and loss. It was meditation and the power of presence and gratitude which helped ease her emotional pain and led her on a journey to help others live more healthy, happy and purposeful lives - even through life's deepest challenges. As a student in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sasha every posture, breath & transitional movement connects you the earth, it’s fluidity offers maximum benefits such as deep core strength, spinal stability, detoxification, allows one to nurture self-expression and truth. Sasha’s classes aim to increase calorie burn, flexibility, focus and light up your self confidence.

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Sarah H

All the way from the UK, Sarah brings a whole lot of life and soul to any of her classes, her passion for health and wellness is as contagious as is her laughter, though never be fooled with

her light-hearted nature, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge from years of study, research and experience both in the classroom and with her private students. A fully qualified Personal Trainer,

her abilities range from yoga and pilates through to myo-fascial release techniques, rehabilitation, strength & conditioning as well as weight loss and nutritional support.

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Natasha loves to bring her learning’s from her years of yoga practice into her classes and aims to inspire students to find their breath, connecting their mind and body through their yoga practice. 

Natasha creates a non-judgemental, safe space to flow and practice yoga. Her classes are invigorating yet relaxing and allow you to break away from your everyday routine. Natasha is also trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga, and enjoys teaching yin yoga and meditation.

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Erin is a Yin and Hatha trained yoga instructor focused on guiding students in connecting back to the self by balancing the mind, body and spirit. She studied under Emily Kuser in Ubud, Bali and Jacquelene Sadek in Abu Dhabi. Yoga is her passion and she strongly believes that sharing healing and restorative practices with others is her calling.

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Rhea began her yoga journey in her native country, Scotland while seeking a form of exercise that would help to create some balance in her university life. What she discovered was so much more than just a form of exercise and a ‘balance’ more far-reaching than she could have ever dreamed. Now with 17 years of practice and 8 years’ experience of teaching Rhea continues to marvel at the extensive benefits of yoga on the physical body, emotional body and the mind.

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Larissa is a yoga instructor based in Abu Dhabi. She came to yoga, initially trying to improve her physical abilities, but soon realized it was not only helping her physically, but mentally. Yoga helped Larissa heal her anxiety, depression, and negative thought patterns. After establishing a regular practice, she felt transformed, like she was brought back to her true self and knew that she wanted to share her practice with others.

Larissa loves all forms of yoga practice, but finds herself most at home teaching Traditional Hatha, Yin, and Swing Yoga. Using play and mindfulness to enable deep connection in the studio space.

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Sarah Y

Sarah’s personal yoga practice combines several styles and methodologies including yin, mobility/functional movements,  meditative flow and Pilates.  The yoga she likes to teach is similar,  emphasizing the importance of form, alignment, breathe and movement. She likes to let students know where they should be feeling different sensations when they are in poses and the benefits of those poses through detailed explanation of how they are to activate or embrace different parts of their bodies to help them get deeper into poses, but also highlight the importance of sometimes taking a step back to gain different results.

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Lhin was born and raised in Thailand. Until

she started working as a flight attendant,

she traveled the world. But she developed

back pain from helping passengers with their baggage during the flights. That’s when she found yoga to help heal her back pain issues. After changing her career from cabin crew, she discovered a lot of ways to keep up my health and energy as an experienced yoga, dance and health coach. Being a student at heart, she also loves training and always enjoy training new styles of exercises to keep herself up-to-date. She enjoys inspires herself and others to improve body awareness, wellness and committed to long-term health and fitness goals.

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Harpreet is known for her authentic philosophical teaching style and willingness to continue this philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines. She weaves thought provoking meditation, incorporating mantra chanting by applying ancient wisdom in a meaningful understandable way.


She encourages mental, physical and spiritual growth of the inner-self through her calming, fun loving personality. She designs her classes in a manner that's flowing, gentle, playful and heartfelt and she says that her favorite place is where all people are gathered to breathe and become stress free together!

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As an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, Rola is committed to making yoga more accessible & diverse so that everybody can experience its benefits. She strongly believes that we should never take ourselves or life too seriously. The Yoga practice has the ability to help us learn to accept ourselves for who we are while continuing to grow, and she believes that yoga is truly for everyone and everybody. So if we practiced yoga mindfully, it can be a transformative experience leading to increased self-awareness. Her mission as a teacher is to support her students in developing their own practices, ultimately identifying their own inner teacher.

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Martina likes to bring beautifully and playfully sequenced flows into her vinyasa classes and align the breath with the asanas in more or less challenging postures and transitions. The classes are suitable for all level practitioners, who can expect to build their strength, flexibility and concentration while being connected to their breath. The goal of the classes is to feel positively energized, refreshed and balanced after the class but also during the whole day.

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Tea, a reiki healer, theta healer & Yoga Teacher believes that reflection comes in different shapes and forms. By recognizing a form that sits well with the Self, we create a chance to look into the subconscious levels of our existence and pinpoint what really matters or what drains us in our daily lives. She teaches a soft Yin practice, allowing you to connect with the body and release emotion, tension, stress and anxiety hidden deep within. 

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Catalina is a qualified & certified Kundalini, Swing, & Kids Yoga Teacher, as well as a Qualified 200hrs Hattha Yoga Teacher.
From am early age, she started practicing Kundalini yoga in her natal city of Algarrobo in Chile. This created a deep passion for yoga throughout her life and inspired her to teach others of all ages this gift. She became the youngest qualified yoga teacher at 17 here in the UAE, and continued her practice and teaching here in Seven Wellness. 



Lama's class focuses on the Flexibility and Stretching out of the body,

helping you to achieve your flexibility goal and take your physical health to the next

level. You will alternate the focus between Core,Splits, Inversions, BackBends ,Hip opener Shoulders, Chest Opener, Twists

and whole Body Strength.

This will help you to achieve a better posture reducing the risk of injuries, relieves muscle tension and stress from your body.

In this class you will not only stretch your body, you will also stretch your


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Kerry is a passionate Relax Kids representative. In her classes she teaches children the importance of slowing down, connecting with their breath, moving their bodies and staying mindful through a series of exciting and entertaining classes. 

Each series of classes takes on a new theme, meaning that every set of classes is a new and fresh experience for your children. 

They will move through the seven steps covered in each class before ending with a mindful chat. 

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Jess encourages students to direct their focus back to the breath and the body, reconnecting the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies throughout their practice. Assisting students engage the correct alignment throughout their flow allows them to get the absolute most out of each posture; building strength, flexibility and overall mental wellbeing. All sessions are taught with a mindful approach and are suitable for all levels of Yogis; from new starters to advanced practitioners. 

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