Essential Oil Wizardry OIL OF ELEVATION 5mL

Essential Oil Wizardry OIL OF ELEVATION 5mL






Oil of Elevation is a superior formulation for enhancing the depth of your spiritual connection, meditative focus and relaxes your nervous system.

Ingredients - 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 Extracts infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil


  • Organic Cedar Atlas (Morocco)
  • Frankincense Serrata, CO2 Extract (India)
  • Organic Myrrh, CO2 Extract (Somalia)


Docta's Notes: This deeply nourishing mana for the soul manifested from a blending challenge from Elizabeth Van Buren to myself. An opportunity to really connect several sacred botanical essences all synergized together in a single bottle. Oil of Elevation was designed for increasing my focus, level of presence and develop a more succinct meditation practice during a transition with a lover in my life.

The vibration of frankincense offers an etheric lift to and clarity to the user. The cedar and myrrh are so deep and sweet, truly a gift to be able for each of these sacred resins/tree essences to collaborate with together. Collectively the notes are very round, balanced and deep, bringing a sweet loving earth kiss that increases meditative focus into the present moment.


Uses: This blend works wonders on the skin (balancing sebum production) in appropriate concentration. Truly wondrous massaged into the soles of the feet. Subtle yet full-bodied – this Oil of Elevation will make you soar! See our product "Sacred Toner" for an effective facial tonic that uses Oil of Elevation as an ingredient.