Rumi Boa Sling Yoga Mat Carrier

$19.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price

Rumi Boa Sling Yoga Mat Carrier is a simple and economical option for carrying your mat around.  Made of pure cotton and fits all mat sizes.


| Fits all size yoga mats

The carrier has been designed with versatility to carry all mat sizes.


| Allows mat to air after use

An open carrier for your yoga mat, allows it to air dry and stay odor-free.


| Light, practical and convenient

It’s a convenient and economical solution to carry yoga mats.


| Natural and reusable materials

After living out its life as a yoga mat carrier, if you choose to discard it, it will re-integrate back into earth within a very short span.


Care Method

The Boa Yoga Mat Sling can be hand washed and line dried.  Do not bleach or dry clean.  The cotton might undergo some shrinking if it is washed. Always wash separately.



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