Rumi Cotton Yoga Bolster – Round

Rumi Cotton Yoga Bolster – Round


Width: 12 in | 30 cm
Length: 28 in | 71 cm
Height: 5 in | 13 cm


Pure cotton bolster that is light, practical and firm. Cover is removable and washable. Biodegradable.


| Light, practical and convenient
It’s a convenient and economical solution to carry yoga bolster.


| Provides Cushioning
Provides cushioning to protect your joints and stability during balancing asanas.


| Biodegradable
After living out its life as a yoga bolster, if you choose to discard it, it will re-integrate back into earth within a very short span.


| Easy to Wash & Dry
The yoga bolster can be washed by hand or in a machine. It can be air-dried, line-dried or tumble-dried. You can take care of it just as you do for your clothes. Our yoga bolster come out warm and fluffy from the tumble-dryers.


* size and thickness will vary based on use as it’s hand made and natural materials.


Care Method


Keep the yoga block dry and wipe it with a dry cloth to clean off any sweat after use. Dry environment elongates its life. 
Natural wood is sensitive to sharp edges that could cause scratches or marks over time.