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3 Day Luxury Yoga & Health Living Retreat with Park Hyatt

Each day we will be offering morning breathwork, yoga and meditation to help you reconnect with your inner voice and bring awareness back into the body.


Daily workshops will take place after breakfast encouraging you to discover what brings you contentment and effective ways to develop your mindset, allowing you to move forward with self-confidence and serenity.


Cooking classes and nutrition workshops will be available to those interested in learning more about feeding their mind and body, gifting you with skills that can be used at home.


Evening relaxation sessions will be available before bed, guiding you down to quieten the mind, ensuring you fall effortlessly into a deep and restorative sleep. 

All of this combined with the tranquil surroundings, healthy vegan meals, and time for your personal mindfulness practices, you’ll feel peaceful, inspired and empowered in no time! 


Ultimately, we are here for you. To support your journey and facilitate your growth.


To give you space to connect with like-minded people and your own internal world; ready to return to reality, rejuvenated, refreshed and full of vitality. 

Kenya Yoga Retreat

with Michelle and Dina

Stay in a treehouse in Kenya with Michelle and Dina for 7 days & immerse yourself in nature. 

Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat with Tea

A Journey of Self-Discovery on a majestic sailing boat while enjoying Croatia away from the crowds; observing a new version of YourSelf with each island along the route.

Cruising along the medieval merchant routes and the birth town of Marco Polo, surrounded by beautiful Dalmatian Coast, pine tree beaches and pristine blue water.

Tasting Mediterranean cuisine: locally sourced organic vegetables, olive oil, figs and fresh seafood; prepared with love by our Chef Roko.

Undergo a complete digital detox at the Altair, a beautifully spacious wooden classic yacht; take the time for reflection, cleansing the old Self with sea water and stargaze from the lavish sailboat deck.

A relaxing spiritual experience: healing with yoga, meditation, ceremonies and sparks of playfulness to help us remember our Essence; all tailored for your journey of going inwards.

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