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Healing Voice Training with Sonia Gonzalez de Paez

18th & 19th June 2021

10.30am - 6.30pm

Your voice carries unique frequencies that brings up different emotions, thoughts and patterns in people.


When you liberate the power of your voice and unite it with the intention of your pure open heart a sacred alchemy medicine is created, very powerful transformations and healings happen to the individual, some of which can not be even understood by the human mind.


We will find in this training that it is all about physics and the fact that we are energy. This requires an approach that is both pragmatic and expansive. 

The training is comprehensive of all the knowledge and tools you need to master your voice as a healing instrument. It includes: scientific research, voice activation, intuitive singing, over-toning, chanting with an instrument of your choosing, and how to perform healing sessions with your voice.


You will find your real voice and reconnect with its primal force that is dormant within you.


1,400 AED (Sound Alchemy Graduates) 
1,500 AED (members)

1600 AED (non-members)


Family Constellation Group Experience 

with Zan Mistry

11th June

10.30am - 6.30pm

Family constellations reveal the hidden dynamics that keep us stuck in unhealthy or destructive patterns.

The origin of our feelings and experiences may have its roots to a time even before we were born.


Events and experiences in families that cause people to feel stuck, bonded or entangled are traumatic and we see the effects of this trauma that is passed down from generation to generation.

Family Constellation work is all about uncovering what we have taken on from our parents. We learn that every issue has a solution within it, and with this learning we are able to allow the solution to emerge. 

Healing sentences, rituals, imagery are included to deepen your experience. This work is often experienced as a spiritual healing.

As we resolve our entanglements in constellation work, we feel part of something greater. Rather than exclude, we may find ourselves separated from the trauma passed down from family members and yet connected to their experience in a healthy way.

We have two options for this experience. You can come as a seeker of answers or as an observer to someone else's journey for in constellation work everyone benefits at any space either as a seeker or as an observer. 


Member Seekers: 525 AED 
Non Member Seekers: 605 AED  Member Observers: 210 AED

Non Member Observers: 240 AED 


Ignite Your INNER Goddess - Ladies Day

June 12th, 2021
11am - 6pm 

A day filled with fun activities that will awaken your Inner Goddess' spirit!

Unleash your Divine Feminine Magic by Embracing Your Inner Goddess through laughter, singing and dancing!

Let your creative juices flow as you make your own unique piece of Art, immerse into a Cacao Ceremony, explore your inner divinity through movement and sounds, and nurture your body with an amazing 2 course Vegan Lunch with mocktails!

Learn how to bring joy into your everyday with a special opening session of Laughter Yoga led by Constanze;

Find your Inner Goddess expression through a fun group singing activity guided by professional singer Jasmine helping to activate confidence through the body by connecting you back with your authentic feminine voice;

Jackie will guide you through a stunning glass painting Art session, as you get inspiration from your Divine Feminine intuition and create your own Goddess' masterpiece.

Then join us in closing this very special day with a Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Yoga Dance led by Neli to celebrate the beautiful Goddess that you are and anchor passion, wisdom, divinity, grace and feminine magic!

You do not have to have any prior experience, absolute beginners are welcome!


1 Main Vegan Meal
1 Raw Vegan Snack/Dessert
2 Drinks
Alkaline Water


AED 450 buddy price per person
AED 470 Member price
AED 500 Non-member Price

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