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Healing Voice Training with Sonia Gonzalez de Paez

22nd & 23rd January 2021

10.30am - 6.30pm

Your voice carries unique frequencies that brings up different emotions, thoughts and patterns in people.


When you liberate the power of your voice and unite it with the intention of your pure open heart a sacred alchemy medicine is created, very powerful transformations and healings happen to the individual, some of which can not be even understood by the human mind.


We will find in this training that it is all about physics and the fact that we are energy. This requires an approach that is both pragmatic and expansive. 

The training is comprehensive of all the knowledge and tools you need to master your voice as a healing instrument. It includes: scientific research, voice activation, intuitive singing, over-toning, chanting with an instrument of your choosing, and how to perform healing sessions with your voice.


You will find your real voice and reconnect with its primal force that is dormant within you.


1,400 AED (Sound Alchemy Graduates) 
1,500 AED (members)

1600 AED (non-members)


PostLockdown Lifestyle Reboot 

with Reem Smiley

29th August

1pm - 4pm 

Ever feel like you need more direction with living a balanced lifestyle?


Want to understand the best way to feed the mind and body?


In this workshop we will doing just that! Reem will be guiding you through the key changes that you can make, from food choices to relationships, to assist in your transformation from lost and confused to vibrant and fulfilled!


Learn how to build a healthy mindset by balancing out the “Wheel of Life”, understand what you need to bring in to your life and what you can take away, to truly feel the shift. 

At the end of these 3 hours, you will have grown tremendously, connected back with your body and its natural rhythms and finally feel in control of your weight, relationships and overall happiness. 


Starting From 250 AED


Chakra Challenge with Sasha Quince


Every year I offer YOU the opportunity to re-align your CHAKRAS (body, mind and soul energy centers). When they are unbalanced, overactive or weak we become irritable, reactive, experience elevated emotion, lack of focus or passion in life.


I can guarantee you right now that one of your seven energy centers is unbalanced. This 7 week challenge helps you regulate the chi flow around your chakras, light up chakras that are weak and simmer down that are too active. The detailed benefits of this practice are highlighted below:


Energize and awaken vital energy centers for optimal health.


Detoxify internal organs, endocrine system and the mental chatter in the mind.


Clear & Cleanse the filter and digestive organs, lymphatic system and central nervous system.


Reduce Stress and reactivity.


Gain strength, flexibility, focus and balance body and mind.


Release fears, gain clarity and get happier & healthier.


Learn breathing, meditations, movements & visualizations that will detoxify you, help you ease stress.


A total cleanse to the body and a opportunity to investigate which of your energy centers require more love and attention.


What is included:


Breath centered movement (Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga infused)


Breath work for each chakra


Super adventure moments


Restorative poses




Relaxation techniques


Introduction to meditations and visualizations through sound imagery and key tools to center the mind.


This seven week challenge is a perfect opportunity to RESET the body, mind & soul!


Dates are the Following:



Jan 24th - Root


Jan 31st - Sacral


Feb 7 - Solar Plexus


Feb 14th - Heart Chakra


Feb 21 - Throat


Feb 28 - Third Eye


March 7 - Crown


Drop in rates -


65 AED incl. of VAT for members


80 AED incl. of VAT for non-members


Bulk Buy:


420 AED + VAT - members


525 AED + VAT non members

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