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Foundation Sound Alchemy Training with Sonia Gonzalez de Paez

3rd & 4th April 

11am - 8pm

This training is designed to teach the fundamental principles of sound healing. Trainees will receive all the information and practice required to effectively conduct sound healing baths, with a strong emphasis on developing their own voice as the master tool for sound healing. 

Students will also learn how to incorporate different healing instruments in their practice such as Tibetan bowls, gongs, crystal bowls, shamanic drums and many others. 

The program will focus on developing confidence and ability to hold space, whether for a big group or for one on on sessions. It will provide trainees with all the knowledge they need to start or continue their journey as the sound alchemist their heart knows they already are.  


1500 AED (members)

1600 AED (non-members)


Its a Lifestyle NOT a Diet with Reem Smiley

Series of 4 Workshops

23/05, 30/05, 06/06, 13/06

2pm - 3pm

Ever feel like you need more direction with living a balanced lifestyle?


Want to understand the best way to feed the mind and body?


In this series of workshops we will doing just that! Reem will be guiding you through the key changes that you can make, from food choices to relationships, to assist in your transformation from lost and confused to vibrant and fulfilled!


Learn how to build a healthy mindset by balancing out the “Wheel of Life”, understand what you need to bring in to your life and what you can take away, to truly feel the shift. 

At the end of this 4 weeks you will have grown tremendously, connected back with your body and its natural rhythms and finally feel in control of your weight, relationships and overall happiness. 


Starting From 100 AED



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