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the seVen pillars of wellness

It's Not Just a Class - It's an Experience 

Seven Wellness is proud to announce that we are for everyone. 


Any age, any ability. If you can move, if you can breathe – there is a mat here, waiting for you.


You do not have to be flexible to take part in our classes – that is part of the journey! 


Strength is not required as a starting point, we accept you just as you are

We are for the courageous, the bold and the open minded.


For those who are excited to walk into a new experience and enjoy every success and failure that comes their way.


We are for the accepting (of those around you and of yourself)!


We are for the busy-bee mums and the corporate ones looking to add a little more tranquility into their every day.

We encourage you to be happy and proud – be unforgivably yourself right now, even if that doesn’t look perfect


We encourage you to take chances and remove limitations.


Release expectations and see where you might end up. 


We want to see you flourish, transform and fall in love with yourself as you begin to experience a new side to YOU. 

Ultimately, we are here for you.


To support your journey and facilitate your growth. To hold space whilst you  connect with like-minded people and grow your tribe. 

That is why we have developed The Seven Pillars of Wellness. To help each and everyone one of you find your style and unleash the yogi in YOU

All you have to do is show up. 

We have 7 Key Classes here at Seven Wellness, built on traditional yoga and holistic healing styles

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