Holistic therapies



Choose from one of the following services and indulge in 60 minutes of relaxation, restoration & self care! 


Swedish Massage:

Gentle but firm massage to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.
It loosens up tight muscles caused by daily activities such as sitting at the computer or exercising.

Deep Tissue Massage:
Focusing on relieving tension in specific areas related to the clients sport. Using more pressure to work layer-by-layer releasing tension in the connective tissue going into the deepest accessible layer to create changes in posture and make room for movements after releasing fascial adhesions and chronic muscle contractures.

Indian Head Massage:

A gentle massage of the head, neck and face to release tension stored within both the mind and body. Pressure is applied gently in small circular motions along the scalp and side of the face, down to the neck and shoulders helping improve condition of the skin, scalp, hair and mental health. 


Starting from 200 AED

Colorful Crystal


Our holistic therapies are built specifically to balance your energies, releasing negativity & anxiety from the body + allowing you to connect back to your higher self. 

A form of energy healing to help with stress reduction, physical and mental illness. Reiki is a safe and simple, natural method of healing the body and mind, helping you achieve high states of happiness, relaxation and peace. 

Chakra Crystal Healing
Using a variety of crystals, the practitioner places these on the body in line with the corresponding chakra to assist absorb and release negative energy to help balance over active/under active chakras.

Detoxifying Vibro-Acoustic Massage 

This treatment takes place on a heated crystal mat with infrared lighting, sound healing bowls & hands on energy healing to assist with detoxification within the body.

Past Life Regression 
Our QHHT practitioner can guide you down into a hypnosis - style - meditation ready to explore a deeper part of yourself. 


Starting from 200 AED

Back Massage


Want to try more than one of our services? Or give the gift of wellbeing to friends and family by purchasing one of our bundle options.  

Tuning Fork Anti-Aging Facial

45 minute session using singing bowls, hands on energetic healing & aromatherapy 

Self Love:

Detoxifying Vibro- Acoustic Massage + Tuning Fork Facial + Indian Head Massage

Energetic Cleanse:

Reiki Healing + Vibro-Acoustic Detox Massage + Indian Head Massage

Relax & Restore:

Vibro-Acoustic Detox Massage + Swedish Massage + Indian Head Massage

Chakra Balancing:

Crystal Healing + Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls + Reiki Session

Mix 'N' Match:

Choose 3 of the following services that you would like to combine for your own personal wellbeing bundle:

Reiki, Detoxifying Vibro-Acoustic Massage, Swedish Massage, Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Fork Facial, Indian Head Massage, Intuitive Card Reading, Emotional Freedom Tapping, Chakra Healing Sound Healing Experience



Starting from: 800 AED