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Neli (RYT500) is a passionate yogi, sound and energy healer, raw living food advocate and a holistic health specialist - always striving to learn, share, unite and inspire.

Certified to teach Yoga classes, Sound Healing Practitioner, Gong Healing Master, certified Raw Nutrition expert, a Master of Holistic Health and Diet and Nutrition Adviser. 

Currently teaching private and group Yoga classes, running Corporate Wellness Programs, Transformational Workshops, Healthy Food workshops and Holistic Nutrition programs. Her mission is to inspire people to live a healthier, more vibrant life and to support them on their journey to a Greater Self!

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Helping people progress using metaphysical modalities, as well as their own inner ability and subconscious mind to shine out and be the best versions of them. 


Sakshi started her journey with energy healing when she was 16 years old, her intuitions led her to study about human psychology to understand the deep roots of the human subconscious, Her courses in Hypnotherapy helped her to achieve her objective of combining subconscious level psychology rewiring with metaphysical energy work to raising collective consciousness of people to make the world a better place.


After a 11 years career in corporate marketing and heading an ad agency, she has now dedicated herself completely as an energy healer, divination practitioner, hypnotherapist, and crystal therapy practitioner, astrology practitioner. Her life’s mission is to help those who wish to heal themselves, and understand the importance of creating their own reality, by releasing limiting blocks to improve their quality of life. 

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Sonia has a diverse background and ultimately is a seeker of truth. Apart from a Licentiate in Music Performance, she is a Mechanical Engineer who holds a Masters in Business Administration and Marketing. A Reiki Master, opera classical singer and published author, she is a Sound Alchemist and Vocal Coach dedicated to sharing the powerful wonders of sound, the vibrational medicine that aligns individual to their highest potential

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QHHT Practitioner for past life regression


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